Charlene accompanying on piano

Rainbowlab- (ages 3-6 yrs) This group class is designed for young children to learn basic elements of music through  movement singing and games. Rainbowlab is a fun way to engage children who are undecided about which instrument to study. 

Recorder Group Class- (ages 6-8 yrs)  Without prior knowledge of any instruments, students will learn basic elements of music, note reading and experience the joy of playing music together on the recorder. (max 10 per class)

Guitar Group Class- (all ages)

Beginner- Learn about the parts, strings and fretboard positions of the acoustic guitar. Play easy songs and scales  to develop hand coordination, note reading and gain a basic  understanding chords.

Intermediate- Build technical skills, scales, chords, and hand picking techniques. Learn fingerings and songs in Classical, rock, Jazz and world music styles. 

Violin & Cello Group Class-  This is a good class for young students to keep basic skills sharp over the summer.  Students will practice scales, technical exercises, sight reading reading, easy folk songs and pop music. It is suggested that students  take a weekly 1 hour private lesson. 

Chamber Jazz Intensive (“SHED”)- (Teens: 12-17 yrs.) In this ensemble workshop students will study various works by Classical composers like Bach, Mozart and read through arrangements of Jazz icons; Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Wayne Shorter. This workshop will focus on chamber music and beginning improvisation techniques with a professional coach.  Students will perform in the MFTP NYC Neighborhood Concert Tour August 2019

We Love Jazz- (ages 16 yrs.- adult) Play standard Jazz repertoire, study theory and improvisational concepts in a relaxed workshop setting.  All instruments are welcome. 


Private Lesson- (ages 6-adult) Private lessons are the foundation of a musical education, providing the concentrated work and individual attention needed to develop a student’s skills and enthusiasm. Private lessons are offered in violin, cello, sax, guitar, trumpet and trombone.

Four Sessions: 60 min. Private lesson ($265) 

Five Sessions: 30 min. Private lesson ($175) 

* Sax/Trumpet/Trombone lessons are subject to price change. Each fee includes a registration fee.  

Group Classes 

Rainbowlab (ages 3-6 yrs)

Recorder Group Class- (ages 6-8 yrs)

Guitar Group Class- (all ages)

Violin & Cello Group Class

Chamber Jazz Intensive ”SHED”- (Teens: 12-17 yrs.)

We Love Jazz   (ages 16 yrs.- adult) 

Special Discount: $ 150 ( 5 -2 Hour Group Classes) 

 Policy: Online registration begins April 2019. There are no refunds after purchase. Makeups will be given for private lessons/excused absences only. MFTP requires a minimum of 4-5 students per group class to start. Max 10-13 students  per class. Classes with large enrollment will place students on the wait- list.


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