Music For The People, NYC was created by Clifton Anderson and Nioka Workman in 2013 to build community by sharing musical instruction, performances and cultural activities worldwide. The idea has blossomed into a creation of several successful programs around the New York City area. Our programs are affordable and low cost. We give access to families and children who have been underserved. It is our mission to increase the appreciation for music, for the artist and for the healing benefits that music has on the human soul.

Lyra's violin lesson 2015

We offer exploratory programs, music instruction,  group classes, seasonal workshops and  professional music courses. Instruction is offered in ‘session blocks’ of four, five or eight days.

Clarinet lesson 2015

Our professional teaching artists give top notch instruction on all instruments to students of any age and artistic level. Students will receive a solid foundation towards a professional career or to simply to engage in a fun experience, learning at their own pace.


Music For The People, NYC produces recitals, neighborhood concerts and festivals that include  students and professional artists  who are interested in sharing music with the community.


What We Offer

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